Friday, August 19, 2011

What's Happening?

Coming in October. . .

Women in Jazz South Florida, Inc. has new Board members: Amanda Sedgwick is our new president, Joseph Mustipher is vice president, Mimi Johnson is secretary and Vanessa M. Lowe stays on as Treasurer. As Executive Director, Joan Cartwright continues to work diligently to recruit new members and acquire grant funding for performances.

September has been a blast! Lots of work and more in store.

August is almost over and the weather has been very entertaining.

  • Rain, rain, rain filling the lake. It's raining as I'm typing this post. Pouring outside my sliding door like it's never rained before. Soon it will stop and the humidity will crawl back to my screen like a lizard fresh from the swamp! No see ums will tick at my legs and arms exposed because of the heat.
  • Electric storms abound. The other day, it cracked so hard I squinted. No really, I gathered myself up in my arms and my whole body squinted or squinched or flinched.

  • Alligator spottings and removal. A resident took photos of four alligators, one 7 feet long and emailed it to the office. Wildlife people supposedly came and took them back to the Everglades. Things that definitely make you go hmmmmmmmm. Then, my neighbor informed me that she and her three kids moved to another apartment because - get this - she had bed bugs so bad she had to bag up everything so when they exterminated all of the clothes wouldn't be contaminating the surrounds. Then, she said she had to wash all of their clothing. Lots of clothing. So, last night I watched "Suits" a tv series with lawyers and one of them, a rookie lawyer's first case was a client whose landlord planted bed bugs in the apartment so he would move out rather than stay through the renovation and the landlord could charge far more money than the rent-controlled unit was getting him now. So, all night long, I itched and scratched thinking I had bed bugs. OMGoodness, the power of suggestion is just too strong. There goes the thunder.

  • Sisters in Harmony, Coconut Grove, the last weekend of July, Jus' Cynthia and I spent the weekend at the Courtyard Marriott on Bayshore Drive overlooking Coconut Grove Marina. We ate food from the wonderful market across the street and we sang for the gathering of SiH members for two days. The Author's Roundtable on Saturday evening featured nine local authors, including me.
  • Activity 1 of Course 2 for PhD. in Business Admin

  • Afrikkanitha arrives in Miami

  • Knight/NEA Grant submitted for TARP

Keep on dreamin' 'cause only they come true.
Don't stop hopin' happiness'll find you.
All the joy that you can find
Is waiting in the magic of a dream

~ Diva Joan Cartwright